Today marked the end of my 9-day staycation. Lots of naps, a few home projects, video game playing, far too much eating, and a few days out with friends. It was the mental break I was very much needing, and I feel totally refreshed and ready to go back to work. 

Last Saturday, while out to lunch with some dear friends, I was inspired to abandon Facebook & Instagram. Everyone I know who has done so, seems so happy because of it. My brother never adopted social, no matter the platform, and is COMPLETELY confident in that decision. (He was always the smart one)

As a professional marketer, I “get” social. I think people have curated great spaces for themselves via social and I know there has been a lot of positive societal shifts that have come because of it. It’s also been a great space for entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, etc. to express themselves and garner brand awareness without million-dollar ad budgets. But I think for me, given some complex family dynamics related to politics, and just plain ole addictive, mindless behavior (scroll, scroll, scroll), it was time for me to break up. 

A few folks mentioned wanting to check in on what Jay and I are up to, so I landed on the idea to start a blog. No focused topic exactly, no monetization aspiration, just more of a journal for myself. I can’t imagine people checking in often, but it’s here either way.

I mean, who can resist photos (above) of my little, weird, wide Hobbit feet (ewww!)

Let’s be real though: this blog exists as a repository for photos of this guy

See ya around! <3